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 Fertile eggs can usually be obtained from hatcheries or poultry breeding farms. You can contact the farm adviser in your county extension service office for suggestions.If possible, pick up the eggs yourself rather than have them shipped or mailed. 

If it is necessary to hold the eggs before you set in an incubator, turn them daily and keep them in a room where the temperature is around 50o F (10 C) and the relative humidity is 70 to 80 percent. The vegetable section of your refrigerator could be used for holding the egg until it is time to place them in the incubator. Temperatures below 40o F (4 C) reduce hatchability. Under no circumstances should the eggs be held at room temperature, because temperatures of this level are detrimental to hatchability. Embryos will begin develop at subnormal rates when the temperature reaches about 80o F (27 C).

Locate your incubator in a room in which temperature is between 70o and 75o F (21 and 24 C), and which free from drafts and excessive variations in temperature. Do not place the incubator near windows where it will be exposed to the direct rays of the sun. The sun’s rays may raise the temperature so much that all of the embryos will be destroyed.

Eggs must be turned while in the incubator, so before you put in the eggs mark them with a pencil so you can tell when they have been properly turned. An excellent method is to put an “X” on one side of the egg and an “0” on the opposite side. Then you can always tell when the eggs have been turned, because either all “0” ‘s or all “X”‘s are turned up at the same time.


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